Galina Ramensky-Manoiloff

My Story


Enamelling is my passion and love.

My love of enamelling has grown from strength to strength. Before becoming involved in jewellery crafting, I spent many years painting particularly Folk Art and undertaking private commissions. I have always loved incorporating bright colours and initiative designs into my work, so when I discovered the beauty of cloisonné enamel, I was captivated.

Having the ability to create something from tiny grains of glass is truly amazing and very rewarding. My love of all things that sparkle and of beauty is ever present. The incorporation of glass, metal and precious and semi-precious stones all form the basis form of my art.

My love of this material and art form continues to grow from year to year. To create something of individual uniqueness in each piece is truly rewarding. Each piece I create carries the soul of my creativity and as such all my pieces are distinctively unique and one of a kind.

I love crafting beautiful objects to wear and adore and hope you enjoy owning them as much as I love making them.

If you are interested in commissioning a truly unique piece, please feel free to contact me.